Camella Homes Butuan

One of the fast growing high-end subdivisions in Butuan City is Camella Homes Butuan. It is now expanded to Phase 4 due to high demands of house models that buyers and investors desired to own. Camella Homes Butuan is strategically located in the heart of Butuan City for accessibility to any landmarks, business hubs, and lifestyle destinations. It is a community of distinctive affordable homes and outdoor amenities spread out in a landscaped haven of green, with a grand entrance designed to be a major landmark in the whole of Butuan City.

One of their program that provides easy owning of affordable and decent homes is the Easy Homes Series where investors able to choose different home models. Click here to know the different house models offered by Camella Homes Butuan.

Camella Homes Butuan is a Spanish-inspired house and lot development which expanded to Phase 3 and Phase 4 in one of the busiest and fast growing residential barangay in Butuan City, the barangay Villa Kananga. Take a look at those house models and their prices here

Butuan City is the centre of Caraga Region whereby its economy is strong in terms of buy and sell, infrastructure projects, and tourism. Many of businessmen and investors eyeing for real estate development, and focusing real estate for sale in Butuan on owning a particular piece of investments.


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